General Instruction

All the students will have to come to the school in paper time.

No pupil will leave the school in between, without the prior permission of the principal.

Participation in the school assembly and other co-curricular activities is compulsory for every student.

A leave application with genuine reason and signed by the parents/guardian should be submitted in case the child is unable to attend the school.

In case the student is suffering from communicable disease he/she should not come to the school until he/she recovers fully.

All the students must possess school diary, textbook, notebooks, stationery etc.

Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for any such loss. Bringing of cameras and mobiles to the school is strictly prohibited.

Student s should be regular in attendance.

The school reserves the right to take stem action, even strike off the name of student from the school rolls that are found guilty of mis-conduct.

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