Vision & Mission

Education is not merely development of mind but also of heart, feelings and emotions of a child. The innocence of a child transforms into maturity. The child becomes alive and aware of the situations in which people live and grow.
St. Lawrance Public School thus aims at making its contribution towards transformation of the existing social conditions so that the principles of natural and social justice, equality and freedom as enshrined in the constitution of India may prevail keeping together human dignity and self-respect. To this effect, special efforts are being made.

• To help students he mature, spiritually oriented persons of character and thereafter help them to build in themselves an integrated national character with love and appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of the country and discourage communalism.

• To instil in them the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and brotherhood.

• To encourage the habit of self-confidence, self-reliance with independent reasoning and judgment.

• To train them to obey their elders, parents, teachers and further to discipline themselves for hard work, creativity, co-operation, team work and leadership.

• To inculcate in them dignity of labour, self-respect and love for others especially towards those who are less fortunate.

• To educate them to speak truth, respect truth and seek to stand by truth without any fear or favour.

• To identify their talents, and fields of interest and develop them with able guidance.

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